Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pilgrimage #1: The Fox and Hounds

Before we begin, you can learn more about this evening's location here: http://www.thefoxandhounds.com/

Hello mates! Alright are we?

Let me begin this post by saying I spent a month in England in the summer of 2010 with my university’s Honors Program. It was a truly memorable experience, a splendid cultural immersion, and I miss it every day. I do not exaggerate. 
So, upon moving to LA, I was indeed grateful to discover THE FOX AND HOUNDS.
The Fox and Hounds, located in Studio City, CA is a British pub and restaurant which serves traditional English fare such as the pastie pie, fish and chips, and the good ol’ “Full English” breakfast, consisting of toast, eggs, sausage, tomato, potatoes, and baked beans. Talk about full...For the less adventurous, F&H also features a variety of American eats, such as burgers, salads, and a comforting baked mac and cheese!
Right, so I was not such a lone foodster this go 'round, for I was accompanied by a fellow writer friend of mine. She is returning to her home of Norway quite soon, and this week is her American sendoff. Fitting that we go to a British pub, right? Of course.

Walk in, and you've left America. A charming, rustic interior automatically welcomes one into the Fox and Hounds. There's even a roaring, authentic wood fire in the main room's corner on cold evenings.

In case you did not go outside on the fifth of December, it was one of those cold evenings. Quite cold. And we were in need of some warm refreshment before filling our bellies. Luckily, F&H currently has a selection of warm coffee drinks. Classic loveables included the Irish Coffee and the Hot Toddy. I chose a simple coffee with Bailey's, and it was topped with a generous whirl of whipped cream. Warming, tasty, and left us feeling cozy and ready for dinner. So what if I started my meal with sweetness. Lone Foodster makes the rules here.

Onto the main event! My dish of choice was a pub signature sandwich called "The Ferguson," a grilled English "banger" on a French roll, with grilled onions, peppers, and English cheddar. I will be honest, the baked mac and cheese called to me...but I was quite happy with my decision.

A good many folks out there have confided to me they believe English food to be bland or tasteless. 'Twas not so with Mr. Ferguson. The banger (basically an English beef sausage) was grilled to a crispy goodness, and the array of peppers and onions were nicely seasoned. All held together perfectly by the melty English cheddar. The French roll was warm and flaky. Served with the normal side of "chips" (Yanks call 'em French fries), the meal was filling, uber satisfying, and (budgeters rejoice!) very affordable. The sandwich and side is a cool $6.75.

My runner up choices were the chicken curry pastie, the baked mac and cheese (repeat, I went back and forth on that decision!), and the shepherd's pie. I have no doubt I will return to Fox and Hounds, and pick them off one by one!

And I won't be returning for the edible fare only. For Mondays and Wednesdays are trivia nights! We were happy to participate, and proudly did NOT come in last place.

So thanks to The Fox and Hounds for a lovely experience of taste and trivia. And thank you for helping relive a few memories from a very enjoyable time abroad. The Lone Foodster will see you soon!

*P.S. Next on the Foodster's list is newly opened Asian restaurant Take a Bao! Tune in next week for the dish on the dishes!

*P.P.S. Sooner than that will be the Foodster's own saving-savvy recipe for ramen stir fry. Later this week!

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  1. awesomeness!!! sounds like a place i would go to because i love trivia!!! epic nomz and trivia sounds like an epic time!!!