Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pilgrimage #2: Take a Bao

Before we begin, you can learn more about this week’s location here:

Good day and "ni hao" my fellow eaters!
Another week is upon us, and that means another pilgrimage cometh!
This week’s pilgrimage brought my homebound Norwegian friend and I to the newly opened TAKE A BAO, in Studio City.
I received a fantastic tip to arrive at Take a Bao around 11:30 am, because the place usually fills up by noon. And this tip was dead on! My friend and I were lucky we showed early, because this joint was stuffed with lunch-goers about ten minutes after we showed up!
Quick scan of the interior - sleek, trendy, very cool. A neat magnetic numbering system for serving. And the music! Let me say, when I hear Blur, Beck and Phoenix in one lunch sitting, my ears AND my tummy are happy!
And now, onto the eats!
Admit it. You want a piece of that.

THAT tasty little image was my two choices for lunch – one “Thai peanut bao” on a white bun (diners are given the choice between white bun, wheat bun, or lettuce wrap for the bao!)  and an order of “pork and leek potstickers.”
Now, traditionally, a “bao” is a Chinese food consisting of a small, steamed bun with a meat or vegetable filling; more like a dumpling. Take a Bao has revamped this concept to serve the “bao” more as a sandwich concoction. And guess who’s a fan of this vision? (points to self) ‘Dis foodster!
The Thai peanut bao was incredibly tasty! Very light, flavorful, and delightfully crunchy with its combination of cucumbers, cilantro, and peanut sauce to compliment the tender chicken inside. Not to mention, the bun was warm and fluffy.
But the potstickers were my favorite part of the meal! Firstly, they were placed atop a layer of spicy pepper sauce, very similar to "sriracha." This sauce really came together with the garnish on top – a sprinkling of caramelized orange peel. The spicy/sweet harmony was uber delicious! And its very existence impressed me.  
Now, on to my friend’s meal!

Her lunch of choice consisted of a “fried chicken bao” on a wheat bun and an order of the “Sumac steak fries.”
If her facial expression and following reaction when biting into her bao were anything to go by, I would say she was very pleased with her selection!
She even insisted I try a few of the steak fries, which were sprinkled with a very tasty seasoning I couldn’t quite describe. I just called it “Mmmm!”
So, final consensus? Take a Bao, take a bow! (I’m sorry, I had to do it.) For you can expect me to return very soon, hungry to try the "tofu popcorn" AND the "duck confit bao"! (my two runner-up choices) 
Tis all for now foodsters. As always, thanks for reading. See you next week!
The Lone Foodster
*P.S. Tune in next week for a pilgrimage to local gem, Caioti Pizza Café, and lookout Wednesday for a very special Hannukah post, sharing a recipe for kale latkes! Seasons Eatings!
*Thanks so much for nearly 300 views since blog creation! Hope you all keep returning, and share your own ideas!

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  1. Everything is better with steak fries.

  2. Sriracha sauce is one of the best things ever invented. As for recipes, if you ever run out of ideas, I nominate almost everything on this page:

  3. Their short rib bi bim bop is amazing. Also there dessert boas also very tasty, particularly their banana nutella boa.