Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pilgrimage #3: Caioti Pizza Cafe

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Hello finally, Foodster followers!

And a happy New Year's Eve to you all. Hope my readers had a festive and fun holiday time. And now! On to the eats.

I believe I can let you all know that my occupation aside from pursuing writing is pet sitting. I have watched so many pets this holiday season, I believe I'm beginning to learn cat-speak...Anyway, last evening, I had several evening pet visits, and was ravenous by the time I was through. Having done much research on Studio City's own Caioti Pizza Cafe, I placed a call in for take-out, picked it up on my way home, and enjoyed it in my homey comforts :)

*A brief note on the inside: Warm, welcoming, and the staff was incredibly kind! Even though I was just there to pick up an order. I look forward to having a sit-down meal soon.

SO, how was it? First, I begin with the "garlic knots." YOU MUST have these when going to CPC. You simply MUST. They are made fresh in the restaurant, comprised of soft bread twisted around garlic, herbs, and oil. If these had been the only part of the meal, I'd have been satisfied. Also, be sure to ask for a side of "pizza sauce" for dipping.
Yes, there is a bite missing from this bread. I couldn't resist, and you won't be able to either :)
But on to the pizza! CPC has three variations of pizzas: Old World, New World, and New York Style. I reviewed the website menu so many times, torn between my choices. They literally ALL look delicious. Finally, I was down to two, and went so far as to ask the opinion of the nice woman who took my phone order. Lamb Sausage or Smoked Chicken? She recommended the lamb, and I went with it! Now this pic is of a take-away box, so it won't be as pretty as a restaurant setting, but try to give it a chance. Pweeze?
Another bite mark, as you can see. Teehee.
The Lamb Sausage pizza, one of the New World options, was DELISH! Flavorful lamb bits, lemon grilled eggplant slices, feta cheese, garlic, and Kalamata olives all on a slightly thin crust with a light coating of cheese. I also dipped the slices in the side of pizza sauce I ordered. I am a lover of Greek and Mediterannean food, and this dish delivered on those tastes!

Now the price rundown: All of Caioti's pizzas fall around $10-$12. And if you are sharing it with a dining companion, that's not too shabby! In this LONE foodster's case, I froze half my pizza for a few meals in the future. Good deal to me! My side of garlic knots were $1.95. Also pretty good for four knots! And the pizza sauce on the side was gratis :)

I cannot wait to trek to Caioti for another pizza choice! I am still eager to try the Smoked Chicken, which would have come with sliced peppers, mushrooms, goat cheese and thyme. I would also love to try the "De La Mare" with crab, shrimp, scallops, lobster sausage and basil pesto! See what I mean? It ALL sounded good!

So I leave you with a pic of the box cover, whose suggestion I definitely followed!
I did! I did!
The Foodster is scouting out new locations to try! Stay tuned for when the next one is revealed. Until then,

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