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Pilgrimage #4: The Slaw Dogs

Before digging in, learn more about this week's location here:

Greetings once again Foodster followers!

Well FINALLY I have a new pilgrimage to share with you! Seems like it's been forever. What with the holidays ending and failed spaghetti nightmares...

But I have quite a treat for you all today. A companion (let's call her Miss M.) and I voyaged to "The Slaw Dogs" Woodland Hills location. As I sit here, typing this to my faithful readers, I am still full. Full of dogs fit for the hungriest of hungry, the most ambitious, the foodiest of us all.

So here's how I acquired my present, satisfyingly stuffed condition:

As usual, before making the pilgrimage, I scanned the website menu to see if I could settle on a decision before actually going. I couldn't. When I got there with my companion, we leaned on a table near the big chalkboard menu, STILL tossing the many appitizing notions back and forth.

A bit blurry. And oh, so very choicy.

Finally, we agreed to get three dogs (one each and one to share!), and two of their fry variations. A veritable feast!

My choice was this delish dog:

That, foodsters, is the "Picnic Dog," an all-beef dog with potato salad, deli pickle, beer-battered onion rings, and a tangy BBQ sauce. The ONLY problem I had with this one was trying to take the first bite! I was simply determined to get a mouthful of every ingredient, requiring me to cut up my onion ring. But I did it! And wow...I could say good, but t'would do no justice. Seriously. It was a perfect, unexpected blend of food stuffs sat atop a juicy, flavorful beef dog. The crunchy onion rings really complimented the potato salad, finished off by the nice crisp of the pickle.

On to Miss M.'s choice:

She went for the "A.B.L.T." dog, which meant avocado, bacon, lettuce, and tomato. While I can't personally tell you all how it tasted, I tell you what, it looked so good, I'm going to make it my choice next time. She assured me it was delicous, and I quote "Bacon and avocado belong on a hot dog." Nicely put, Miss M. :)

Let's break into our fry sides at this point!

Here you have the special "truffle oil fries," with garlic and Parmesan cheese. These fries were...I don't think I have words...I mean it. I was literally speechless upon tasting one. The owner, Ray (you may have seen him on the Food Network!) kindly gave us four signature dipping sauces, and these fries were literally best on their own! We were a fourth of the way through with them before even starting on the dogs. 

And the second fry choice:

Now, I'm originally from South Louisiana, and we love our sweet potato fries. I grew up with sweet potato fries. And I loved these sweet potato fries. Really loved. Crunchy, well cooked, really good alone but also with the curry ketchup we were given. 

Let's take a look at those four sauces!

From top to bottom - the spicy sesame aioli, Sriracha aioli, garlic aioli, and curry ketchup. Quite a flavor range!

Now for the last dog. This one was split, but I simply couldn't finish...

One of the Slaw Dogs' daily specials, the "Mac n' Cheese" dog. This happened to be my least favorite. Now, that by no means denotes it a bad dog! There was a spicy mustard on this dog and 'twas just too spicy for lil' old me to handle! Spice lovers would probably get much more joy from it than I did. And I sure did enjoy the crunchy bacon bits and creamy mac on top. It also came with some yummy grilled onions, all atop another all beef dog.

The best part about Slaw Dogs is probably the possibilities! While Miss M. and I had pre-conceived dogs from the menu, there are actually ELEVEN different kinds of dogs you can choose as a base, then tons more toppings you can add to build your very own culinary masterpiece! Personally, I would love to build a dog around their "chicken apple sausage" link or "turkey dog." And with toppings like kimchi, avocado, and truffle oil, it's hard to believe there could ever be a bad dog at Slaw Dogs!

And Ray was a perfect host. He came by our table frequently to ask how we were doing, and even inquired about the blog! Kudos to management at this place, it's top notch.

Miss M. and I have already agreed to come back again (and again!) For we feel we must leave no dog uneaten! No topping left alone!

Until next time, foodster followers. Happy eatings!

The Lone Foodster

**P.S. The Foodster is taking a little vacay! I will be visiting my lovely family back in Louisiana this week, and plan to review some of the local eateries back home. Get ready for some down home goodness from the south! And see y'all soon!

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  1. The "truffle oil fries" with garlic and Parmesan cheese look supper yummy! :)