Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pilgrimage #6: Crave Cafe

So much to Crave! Learn about this week's location here:

Well finally, hello again Foodster followers!

Following my sick day last week, I found myself very busy with my new job and unfortunately, fell a week behind with the postings.

But I am back! And with good news. I went to this week's location twice, since it is very near, and have two different meals to show you - breakfast and lunch fare. With some sweetness thrown in as well.

So let us move on before I fall behind again, to Crave Cafe of Studio City!

**No photo of the outside this week. Please peruse website instead!**

Well, as I said, Crave Cafe is very near to me and I have actually been visiting it frequently. In addition to its yummy food and HEALTHY portion sizes, it is also open 24 hours a day! Want some coffee at 3am? This is the place for you.

I just love chalkboard menus!
 Let's start with my breakfast trip. I had an early shift at work one day last week, and a coworker and I decided to get breakfast on our meal break. My plate was very standard - two eggs (scrambled, my choice!), hash browns, two slices of toast, and some fruit. And I admit I was super hungry and neglected to take a pic of it before I dove in. But it was a great deal at around $5!

However, I DID remember to snap a pic of my coworker's much more interesting choice! *Prepare yourself for a pancake of epic proportion*

Yep, she got a pancake plate, with two fried eggs and two strips of bacon, and was unable to finish!

Now, the following week, I headed to Crave again for lunchtime. While their list of paninis and crepes looked fabulous, a glance at a few of them already on the tables proved they were huge!! Too much for me to eat for a lunch period. I indeed plan to head into Crave soon to share one with a friend. But anyway, I leaned toward a salad, and asked a very helpful server at the order counter what she could reccommend.

I was led to the "Earth Salad," available in a 'half portion' as all their salads are. The Earth comes with mixed lettuce, tomato, corn, beans, black olives, carrots, sprouts, and a tasty sesame ginger dressing, along with a few chucks of baguette on the side. I also added chicken. Now, while I would usually call $8 a bit pricy for a lunch salad, it was the weekend and I was okay with it. But then I was pleasantly surprised with THIS:

Yeah, recall, this is the HALF PORTION! So, I ended up only finishing half of the half (a quarter salad?) and saving the rest for lunch the following day. So in reality, this "half" salad gave me a "full" two meals! And it was delish. I really enjoyed the dressing and all the fun fillings. The sprouts and corn gave it a really interesting flavor and went well with the chicken and dressing.

So, after finishing work that day, I decided to celebrate the weekend even more (look out!) and popped into Crave one more time that day for something sweet. They also have a good selection of desserts.

If you'd like to splurge on a weekend sweet treat, Crave is not stingy on their cakes, which they offer by the slice. I went with a slice (a massive hunk of a slice, mind you) of their Reese's Cake.

They sent me home happy with a grande slice in a to-go box complete with four dollops of whipped cream garnishing the empty spaces around the cake. Needless to say, I munched on it throughout the weekend. And may I say SO GOOD. It was sooo good. :)

So if you have a craving for a big plate of food at all hours of the day or night, Crave Cafe is a great place to cure it! They've made a regular out of this Foodster, I can definitely say! I look forward to trying one of their yummy looking crepes (perhaps Nutella!) or fantastic looking panini sandwiches (maybe Caprese?) in the future. Just be warned - either bring a friend or be prepared to leave with leftovers! This is truth.

Foodster is experimenting with some new recipes! You'll have an original from me next week, promises! Until then, Happy Eatings!

The Lone Foodster

**P.S. Foodster found this out! If you happen to be an employee of the plaza in which Crave is located (including Trader Joe's, Extreme Desserts, GNC, Pinkberry, Manhattan Bagel, etc.) Crave gives you 10% off your purchase! Enjoy employees! Crave Cafe on Urbanspoon

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