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Mom's LA Visit: Part 2 - Camacho's Cantina and Planet Dailies

Welcome back, Foodster followers.

I hope you're all ready for part 2 of my mom's adventure to LA! This post continues from last time with chapters 4-5, and a few new eateries to show you.

So let's begin continue!

Chapter 4: Camacho's Cantina of City Walk

Another thing you should know about my mother and me - we love Mexican food. Luckily, LA has no shortage of such restaurants.

Friday evening of my mom's visit, we planned a peruse through Universal City Walk, the outdoor entertainment villiage connected to Universal Studios. Just below Karl Strauss Brewery restaurant is Camacho's. Honestly, a very typical Mexican-type restaurant in setting. Nothing particularly outstanding there.
So we started with what every girls' night should have...Margaritas!
Mom went with the mango "Fruit Margarita"

And my choice was the "Jalisco Margarita."

Mom's was frozen, very sweet and not incredibly strong, and she loved it. Mine was on the rocks, more tart and quite a bit stronger. We were both satisfied.

Yep, we got the usual complimentary chips and salsa. Quite good, honestly. Not greasy, not too salty, and the salsa appeared to have bits of actual roasted tomato in it. And I can never eat just one chip, which means...yeah, we ate a lot of those chips.

Onto the entree! When mom and I don't "half and half" our meals, we usually share one. And we did with the "Tres Amigos Fajitas," the usual fajitas deal with shrimp, chicken, and carne asada steak, along with corn tortillas.

Yummy! Again, yes, quite typical, but not bad at all. I will always love the tell-tale sound of the sizzling skillet of veggies and meat as it travels to our table. Like a Pavlovian pooch, it thrills me every time.

Indeed, Camacho's will be more gimmicky and not entirely as authentic as numerous other Mexican cuisine establishments in LA, but sometimes it's fun just to HAVE fun and enjoy the company and colorful atmosphere rather than put on your uppity hat and deem the place "fake."
So there.

BTW, we finished the meal with the flan. Not too sweet and very creamy, with a dab of whipped cream. Mom's favorite :)
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Chapter 5: Planet Dailies of The Grove

Long story short - ever since I moved to LA, I've been asked countless times if I'd been to The Grove. So when mom was here, we decided to go!
As many LA residents know, ten years ago, it was just The Farmer's Market that resided on Third and Fairfax Ave. Fast forward, and The Grove is now a posh outdoor shopping center attached to the original Farmer's Market.


Just for fun-

The Grove:

The Farmer's Market:


And along with all the stores is plenty of eateries as well. Almost too many, because between The Grove and The Farmer's Market choices of food, it took us over an hour to decide...
But we settled on the relatively new "Planet Dailies!" Named for the fact that it has a constantly changing menu using fresh, always local produce and meats delivered...that's right...DAILY! Clever.

We started with some fresh, in house squeezed lemonade.

While reading our neat "Hollywood Reporter" place mats.

And moved on to one enticing behemoth of a sandwich to share..."The Dailies Club"

In house roasted and sliced roast beef, turkey and ham with cheddar and swiss, lettuce, tomato, mayo, all on sourdough bread. With a massive toothpick stuck through to keep the giant from falling apart.
I won't lie, I could TASTE the freshness. Let me remind that the beef on this sandwich was roasted in their very kitchen! It was wonderfully filling and super satisfying.

Did I mention it sat atop a bed of, yes, kitchen made potato chips?

And...where's our sandwich, wha...oh, right, we ate it all :)

I adore the concept of their ever-changing menu. It's also quite diverse. On it were American, Asian, Italian, and other world cuisine items. And kobe beef burgers, which I always love :)

Planet Dailies on Urbanspoon

So, here's what I've decided. Chapter 6 will be posted separately. It has the most pictures, and was my favorite, so that shall be something else to look forward to.

So come back next time for Chapter 6: The Six (that worked out perfectly)

And until then, Happy Eatings!

The Lone Foodster

**P.S. There will not be a Memorial Day barbecue pilgrimage, because my awesome neighbors invited me to their barbecue party :) It was a good day.

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