Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pilgrimage #9: Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar

More about this week's location here: http://www.crust.com/

YES. Time for a new pilgrimage shared with you, my Foodster followers!

I moved to LA late last year. Soon after, I kept my eye on the evolution of one "Crust," a gourmet pizza bar in Studio City. I pass it on the way to work, and have been lucky to see it grow a bit each week until now.

Yes NOW! May 14th was opening day for Crust, and a few coworkers and I managed to pop in just before work.

So we agreed on one starter, and one pizza to share betwixt the three of us. First was the "Parmesan and Pesto bread"

Chewy, tangy and very tasty! I am such a pesto fan, friends. As well as a fan of simple dishes with big tastes. And this duo of ingredients reminded me of just why that is. Next time, I'd love to try their "spinach and artichoke bread" to see if it stands up.

Our main pizza choice was the "Clubhouse," a thin crust pie with chicken, prosciutto, tomato, onion, spicy aioli, and avocado.

One of my lunch companions confusingly described her first bite as "like Disneyland," and didn't specify whether that was a positive thing or not...but interesting nonetheless.

I, for one, thought it was delish. Slightly spicy, and crunchy (unlike the starter pizza); all the ingredients worked really well together. And while I loved the chicken, the pizza could have easily managed with just the prosciutto as the meat.

I did have just one little qualm about our pizza. The avocado was baked along with the other topings. While not exactly bad, I don't think I'm a fan of warm avocado and would have preferred if it were added, chilled, to the top of the cooked pizza as a last touch. Other than that, it gets my love :)

Metal drink bottles also get my love. They're just neat.

MORE LOVE for the freshly shaved parmesan cheese they offer alongside your dishes. Forget that shaky parm you may be used to. I adored topping my slices with this cheesy goodness.

To top it all off, the interior of Crust is just cool. It has the feel of a bar or hangout spot rather than a pizza place.

Reflection of ceiling art on our shiny table.

That is, until you see the knee-weakening assembly bar, where the "pizza artists" put your creations together. It's fun to watch while you wait.

I can safely say I will be returning to Crust, and often I'm sure. Much like my frequented Crave Cafe, it is near work and contains yummy eatables. So it wins. Congrats Crust, you win :)

*Price Breakdown*
Time for something the Foodster usually avoids -- slight pricyness. Yep, Crust is a bit on the higher side when it came to the prices, but not so very much when shared between companions. The pizzas fall between $12-$20 depending on the style you decide. So, if you gotta have some "gourmet" pizza, but want to save some pennies, I'd suggest heading to Crust with some eating buddies.    

And they get extra points because they deliver! In a super beautiful little smart car! Look for it scooting around Studio City. It's quite charming.
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Just a few more days until my awesome mother comes to visit me! Look forward to some very fun posts next week. Until then, I wish you Happy Eatings!

The Lone Foodster

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  1. I was there last week, Pizza was great, can't wait to see more of these opening up