Friday, June 1, 2012

Pilgrimage #12: The Six

A fine day for a pilgrimage post, yes Foodster followers?

Now, some of you may be wondering "Your last pilgrimage was #9 'Crust.' How are you on #12?" Well, numbers 10 and 11 were included as chapters in my mom's LA visit posts (Camacho's and Planet Dailies) Cleared up now? Great!

Now, this is technically part of my "Mom's LA Visit" series, and is actually the final chapter. Since it had the best and most pictures, I decided to give it an exclusive post of its own.

So here's Pilgrimage #12, aka Mom's LA Visit, Chapter 6: THE SIX

Site here:

We wanted to celebrate Mom's last day in LA with a Sunday brunch. We being myself and my mom's friend who has lived here about 30 years. After some online research, we found "The Six," which has a seasonally changing menu, and a unique array of brunch items.

Mom and I decided to start with the "Turkey Sloppy Joe Sliders"

Easily my favorite part of the meal. The sliders were indeed good and sloppy (fork worthy), sprinkled with parsley, and sat between a fluffy little brioche bun. Very yummy.

We also seemed to have eyes bigger than our tummies, because we also got the "Margherita Pizza"

And the "Parmesan Truffle Fries."

While my mom loved the pizza, I concluded it was just okay. Not really more fantastic than your usual pizza. I did love the chewy texture of the brick oven baked crust, and the fresh basil on top. Not bad, but not spectacular overall.

The fries were a lovely side, though. The truffle flavor was present, without being overbearing, and the parmesan and parsley was in just the right amount as well.

My mom's friend went with what I very nearly ordered for myself. One of the brunch items, "Waffle Sliders," with a fried egg and cheese in between mini waffle "buns," with a little cup of maple syrup for dipping, and a fine dusting of powdered sugar.

She enjoyed them, stating they were "just the right amount of food," while mom and I had clearly ordered too much, haha. They indeed looked delicious, and I only kept refusing to try them because of our feast on the other side of the table.

And her husband went for a traditional omelette with a side of potatoes and toast, which also looked yummy.

Overall, I really enjoyed The Six, especially the ceiling :)

They had indoor and outdoor seating, although it was far too warm to consider going outside. But I would love to try it on a cooler day. Their patio seating area is cozy and charming.

So, while not super wowed, but still quite pleased, I would like to give The Six another try soon, especially to try some of their new seasonal items when their summer menu arrives. We were there for their "Spring" menu.

Hope you enjoyed the final chapter of my mom's LA visit! She had a fantastic time, and looks forward to the next. As usual, Happy Eatings, my followers, until next time!

The Lone Foodster

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  1. Just found your site and glad I did, but I still need your help. We are making a trip to Six Flags and I don't enjoy chain restaurants. I was hoping maybe you could help me out. I don't know the area well at all, but have been mapping it to get an idea. Everything about The Six looks amazing and pretty much what I like to eat. I tried to look for an email address, but couldn't find one, but then again, I don't either on my site. Thanks for your help.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Sorry, I made some grammar mistakes in my first comment and had to delete it! Haha. But read on here:

      Hi Amy, thanks for reading! LA has TONS of locally owned restaurants and venues. Urbanspoon is one of my favs for discovering non-chains, as well as Yelp. And there's always good old word of mouth, too. Lots of people will gladly give you reccommendations, if you wanted to keep your eating plans spontaneous and just make decisions day by day. When my family visits, that's what we do, and we're never disappointed.

      Wish I could give you more extensive help, but, truth is, I've only lived in LA since fall of 2011. I'm really still a newbie! But it's still an adventure, and I'm discovering things all the time, which is what I'm sure you'll be able to do. :)

      Best of luck and Happy Eatings!