Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pilgrimage #13: Los Toros

Learn about this week's location here: http://www.lostoros.com/
And enjoy the little video on the homepage! It's a charming explanation of the history of the restaurant and a little tour of all its rooms :)

How long has it been, Foodster followers? Well, I'll tell you...far too long.

SO, let's get to it! There will be a new recipe shared next week, but for now, the shared pilgrimage during a lovely day off of work, which I had the privilege of spending with a coworker of mine. Anonymity upheld, let's call her "Blondie."

Blondie told me of a fairly old, fairly authentic Mexican restaurant in Chatsworth, CA, slightly further from my usual LA eateries. So I was super excited to do a bit of traveling.

We were given the usual chips and salsa upon being seated, but along with it was a signature bean dip. I was looking forward to trying it, after seeing a few photos from online research

Not just blended beans, oh no. The creamy, spiced, what appeared to be pinto beans were wonderful on the warm corn chips. Be careful, though. It could easily fill one's belly before the actual meal has started. And as for the salsa, it's spah-cy! So if you like that, you're in luck.

And speaking of the meal, I had been craving fish for FAR too long, so I opted for the fish tacos. Two cod tacos on double corn tortillas with cabbage slaw, cilantro dressing, and a side of pico de gallo. With some lemons for extra flava.

Honestly, I'd never had cod tacos before this lunch. Mahi, tilapia, and whitefish, yes. But something about the cod was incredibly tasty and really stood out. It was perfectly cooked, really fluffy and not overly seasoned. Simple, and much to my liking. I added a bit of the salsa, lemon juice, and some leftover bean dip to experiment, and it was even better.

Blondie's eating is gluten free! So she went with the chicken tacos, seasoned NOT in any kind of soy sauce, but a spicy seasoning salt before it is cooked. So, non-gluten readers, this is for you!

Hers came with a side of sour cream and guac, and served on single corn tortillas. She insisted I taste a chunk of the chicken, and I must say it was very juicy and just a tad spicy. Unexpected! Usually, I find cut up chicken in tacos to be just a little dry and too seasoned. But not these little morsels!

Then, we snapped a few pics of the exterior, which was adorned with some lovely tile artwork and vine-covered walls.

AND proof that this place is pretty up there in age, it still retains a "hitching post," where travelers used to set up their horses. For reals.

Yep, I thoroughly enjoyed our Chatsworth adventure. Los Toros is definitely worth a shot if you happen to be drifting through.

Hope you all come back for the recipe next week! Until then, Happy Eatings!

The Lone Foodster

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**P.S. Remember my Norwegian friend who has gone back home? Well, she recently celebrated a birthday! I'd like to give her a shoutout, and I look forward to seeing her again on her next American trip. Happy B-day!

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