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Pilgrimage #15: "Stout" and "Suck It" *Double Eatery Post*

Happy Sunday, Foodster followers!

And a rare Sunday off of work it was :) So I decided to make it as enjoyable as I could. So, TWO different eateries you shall see!

First location info here:
*Their site currently lists the Hollywood location as the only one, since the Studio City location is very new. Refer to the Urbanspoon link for Studio City address*


FIRST, I have been watching the construction of 'Stout: Burgers and Beers' for a few months now. Recently, I saw it had finally opened. This is the second location of this particular restaurant, which serves only two things, as its name declares - burgers and beers.

So, among their various beef, chicken, and even veggie burger choices, they have a signature burger. The "Stout Burger!" Yes, the exclamation point is part of the moniker. Right on the menu. So I decided to mark my first Stout experience with this one.

Almost lost a tomato!

Real beauty IS on the inside!

Oh, dear heaven in food form. *First, let me say that Stout insists on burgers cooked medium rare to medium, and no higher. So if you don't like a little pink in your burger, you may not care for their process.* But I'm cool with it! And thank goodness.

The meat wasn't the most seasoned part of the burger, letting the toppings take most of the attention. The Stout Burger! comes adorned with carmelized onions, blue cheese, emi gruyere, rosemary bacon (crunchy), horseradish cream, and roasted tomatoes. The horseradish cream really stood out at first, giving a nice, spicy bite I could feel right in my nose. The cheeses, both relatively strong, worked perfectly with the sweetness of the carmelized onions. And the fluffy bun soaked up all the lovely, meaty juices. Oh, oh yes. It was truly burger nirvana....Burvana? Totally.

And let's not forget the side of sweet potato fries!

Salty sweet!

Sprinkled with salt!! I never! It was a bit of a surprise to bite into these sweet strings and find that the little white bits all over them were indeed salty. I have to say, most of the times I've enjoyed sweet potato fries, they've had sugar, even cinnemon sprinkled on them. But the salt was an interesting contrast to the sweetness of the potato instead of a predictable compliment. Quite tasty.

Foodster is not a beer fan, but this is really a beer-drinker's place. Lots of beers on tap, and a very neat copper plated bar.

And decorative bottle lamps!

So, seeing that I must try one of their chicken burgers soon, I will definitely be returning to Stout. And btw, the service? So awesome. Tip them well.

Stout on Urbanspoon

Now. Who wants dessert?

Info here:!__page-0

Suggestively sweet ;)

Nestled in the well-known little shopping village of Tujunga, home of one my previous blog posts, Caioti Pizza Cafe, there is a charming little pop shop (popsicle shop) known as 'Suck It.' They specialize in creating "sucksicles" made with some fruity, some creamy, always refreshing ingredients in store, everyday. And for all you gluten-avoiding readers, each and every creation is completely gluten free.

The owner has a no photo policy, so visit the website for some shots of the adorably decorated interior. But she was super kind to let me snap one shot of the sucksicle of my choice, the "Ambrosia," with strawberry, banana, and coconut.

On this particularly warm LA day, this treat was so very refreshing. And delicious! Bits of strawberry were visible throughout, and I was happy to bite into a bit of shaved coconut in almost every bite.

Did I mention they have different flavors every day? So I told the owner she would definitely be seeing me again. And often! And it's a fun little trek, as well. Suck It sits in a string of other lunch joints, clothing stores, and specialty shops. I'd love to make another trip on my next day off.

WAIT. Did I also mention they have treats for your canine friends?! Yes, bring your dog right in for a nice, frosty "pupsicle." Too cute. And proceeds from those go toward animal rescue groups. Kudos for great causes!

Suck it Sweets and Treats on Urbanspoon

So there you go, readers. Sorry for the lengthy delay of a new post. I will try not to make you all wait so long for the next one.

Happy Eatings,
The Lone Foodster

*P.S. The formatting issues in my last post, Chicken Curry Pizza, have been fixed! Proper line breaks and margins now await those who wish to revisit the page. Thanks for reading :)

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