Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pilgrimage #16: The Local Peasant

Check out this week's gastro-tastic eatery here: http://www.thelocalpeasant.com/

Good day again, Foodster followers!

Well, the past week has been quite awesome, for I have recently celebrated my birthday! Two great friends were kind enough to treat me to the legendary Hollywood eatery Musso and Frank, which I won't be blogging because, well, it's legendary! It was truly excellent, though. I highly reccommend a trip there at some point in a foodie's life :)

A few days later, I belatedly celebrated my birthday with a few coworkers at Sherman Oaks' own charming, trendy gastropub, "The Local Peasant." This is the pilgrimage you will see today!

Drinks! Yes, we are all young adults of proper age, so we began with drinks.  The 'Peasant' has a Prohibition theme going, and their signature cocktails menu reflect that with some "Pre" and "Post" Prohibition drinks.

I went for the Watermelon Cocktail, while some of my peers went for the more traditional Old Fashioned, or the interesting Bellpepper Martini.

Watermelon cocktail, but so dark!

Bellpepper Martini, with basil!
Then the food began!! One of my dining companions had been to the Peasant before, and suggested we start with the Truffled Mac n' Cheese appetizer.

OH, sweet cheesy, bacony goodness! The Mac, which is topped with tater chips and speckled throughout with bacon bits, was made with penne pasta, and a white, creamy cheese sauce. The taste of truffles wasn't overpowering, just enough to know it was there. VERY good appetizer.

Another companion (who wasn't eating meat) went for the soft pretzel appetizer, which came with a grainy mustard for dipping.

The pretzel was chewy and still warm! And the mustard, which was very very grainy, was a nice tangy accompaniment to it! Another good choice.

But the main dishes were soon to arrive! *CAUTION: THE FAT CONTENT IN THE FOLLOWING PHOTOS MAY BE DISTURBING TO DIETERS. But screw it. It was my birthday!!

I went with the Peasant Burger, a house specialty with cheese, grilled onions, BACON, and oh yes, a whole fried egg atop a medium rare beef patty on a brioche bun. With a side of their special thick cut onion rings, along with ketchup and spicy mayo.

And the glorious first bite!!

JUST. TOO. GOOD. Perfectly cooked, nicely seasoned patty, and nice crisp bacon with sweet onions. As I perched my top bun onto my burger, my fried egg popped, trickling the golden yolk all over the various additives of my burger. The first bite was so good, I felt compelled to try and share it with this pic. Doesn't come close, though...

And to the meatless side! My veggie-loving companions went for the Portobello Mushroom burger, which looked like this!

It came with mozzarella cheese, tomato, avocado, and pesto! They also went for the fries, thick cut as the onion rings. Delicious-looking, especially for being meatless!

And in the non-burger entree ring, one companion went for a favorite dish, the Carlsbad Mussels, which came in a savory tomato broth, veggies, and crusty bread for dipping.

I tried a mussel. It was yummy. The tomato-y broth was perfect for dipping my onion rings in, too! Very tasty, and perfect on a chilly night like the one we were given!

And then...DESSERT!

We were all so full, that dessert didn't even seem appealing. That is, until we spotted the Chocolate Bread Pudding on the menu, served with a Bourbon cream sauce. Then...suddenly we found the room.

Yeah, not much of a description needed. Because it tastes exactly what it looks like. Like that of hiss, inhale of air, gritting your teeth combo when you see a delicious-looking piece of culinary art. When you feel a rush of adrenaline simply from feasting your eyes before ever feasting your stomach. Yeah, it tasted like that.

Well, bellies full and total inner beings all satisfied, we all walked out of The Local Peasant thoroughly sated, happy, and...a bit stuffed.

Then we went to the movies.

And they gave us a poster :)

'Twas an exceptional evening.

Alrighty, Foodster followers. I enjoyed bringing this trip to all of you! In a matter of days, my Dad comes to LA for a visit! He will be helping me relocate to an excitedly larger apartment, for which I simply cannot wait. And, same as my Mom, he loves food. So expect quite a few special pilgrimage posts from our eating adventures between all the moving. So, until then...

Happy Eatings,
The Lone Foodster

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