Monday, November 26, 2012

Pilgrimage #18: Brats Brothers

This week's location here:

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Hey, remember when I told you all, like two weeks ago, that there would be a post the day after my last one?

I majorly messed up on that one.

SO, two weeks later, here you have it. Sorry.

A friend and I recently went to a little spot of European fare known as Brats Brothers. One of American upbringing would quickly call it German, however, my GERMAN dining guest made sure I understood the place was more properly Bavarian.

The difference? *Quick lesson: Bavaria is a free state within the country of Germany, and also home to the city of Munich. Learn more at good old Wiki!

So we popped in to share a plate, neither of us being extremely hungry. Then the ceiling!

Yes, a very fun ceiling.

Being totally ignorant to any sort of German food, I let my friend order for us. She proceeded to pick her favorite traditional dish with a side. Authentic wiener schnitzel and cheesy spaetzle!

When the plate arrived, I had to laugh and say "This is fried chicken!" Yes, that's basically what it was, so of course it was good. A dripping of the lemon is a must, AND be sure to try the array of side sauces they offer. My friend and I tried each one.

And what an array it was, including things like curry ketchup, wasabi mustard, horseradish mustard, dijon, and hot sauce. My favorite was the smoked ketchup, but most of them were quite yummy. Our side dish was my favorite part, however. The "cheezy spaetle."

I'd call it similar to mac and cheese, but it was so much more than that! Made with a traditional egg noodle, the spaetzle was little oblong bits of pasta, similar to the consistancy of gnocci, and just COVERED in stringy cheese. Very tasty.

Looking over the menu, I decided I had to return soon when I was hungrier to actually try the title food - brats! They have a ton to choose from (beef, chicken, etc.), in lots of styles to eat them (grilled, in a bun, along with peppers, veggies, etc!). There's a big beer selection, along with a happy hour menu for the drinker, and a pretty light and fun atmosphere for families.

Overall, a cool, cultural experience. Worth the trip.

NOW, I do promise it won't be nearly as long before my next post. A solo trip to an LA food truck! Until then...

Happy Eatings,
The Lone Foodster

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