Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pilgrimage #24: Tamashii Ramen House

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Inside, bar area

Yeah, I won't even think of how long it's been...what can I say, I've been busy!

But I'm BACK!

And on this lovely, sunny day off, I literally took an aimless drive with no plans at all. Soon enough, I ended up in Sherman Oaks, where one of my favorite local art galleries USED to be...(RIP, Handmade Galleries *sad face*), but I came across a little ramen restaurant along Ventura Blvd. called Tamashii Ramen House!

Now, I will admit to being inexperienced about REAL ramen. Restaurant ramen. Not your college student's ramen. So this, indeed, was my first true ramen experience. And rather than try the traditional, probably more common ramen soup, I decided to go for a better fit for the hot day at hand - the Cold Ramen special.

Pretty colors!

SO, it was yummy, refreshing, and satisfying! I treated myself today for the price of $10.95, but it was a huge portion (of which I ate all, haha) and quite fun to eat with chopsticks. It was comprised of chilled noodles, tofu, bean sprouts, cooked pork (really good, tender pork), bok chou, seaweed strips, half a hard boiled egg, and some pickled ginger. I got a choice of sweet soy, or toasted sesame sauce, and I chose the sweet soy. Nom!

Sweet soy

Tamashii also has sushi rolls, which I'd love to pop in and try next time. It's a great location along Ventura, right next to Buffalo Exchange and other vintage clothing spots. Perfect for just parking your car and making a walking day of it.

Thanks, Tamashii! You've made my first ramen experience quite memorable. And thanks for providing a filling, cool meal on a hot Cali day!

A recipe comes soon, Foodster Followers. Stay tuned :)

Happy Eatings,
The Lone Foodster

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